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A more severe form of uterine prolapse (third degree). Also called an angry eye, the uterine cervix protrudes outside the vagina and hangs around for fresh air. The only natural cover is usually pubic hair. A bush gorilla is worse than a cave gorilla and it is easily seen by external inspection, provided there isn’t too much bushy pubic hair around.
Midwife: Don’t you ever learn? You are only 22 and you already have seven children! And now you have significant uterine prolapse! You should have your tubes tied!
Unemployed husband (23): What does significant prolapse mean?
Midwife: You stupid burro! First it was just a cave gorilla and now it's become a bush gorilla! And you should have used a condom! Before long your wife will end up with an angry gorilla!
Woman: Don't waste your breath señora. He is a good Catholic from Tijuana... (sigh)
by Cyberfossil March 04, 2013

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