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The Australian way to refer to lamb's testicles. The Bush Oysters, also called Lamb Eggs, are cooked into a delicatessen.
Chuck a bush oyster on the barbie, mate!

Bush Oysters are battered in a mix of flour, cornmeal and garlic powder, then dipped into milk and red wine, and finally deep fried.
by Tezoo76 July 25, 2015
After a male has ejaculated inside a female, the night after another male performs oral sex on the same female
Next time i will be eating the bush oyster , kilpatrick sighed powak
by boydski41 December 08, 2015
Another word for a female virgin.
Oh man, last night I shucked this Bush Oyster!
by JesseX6 September 11, 2013
Yet another name for a vagina, clit, or labea.
Did you see the size of that strippers bush oyster? It could have swallowed a small child!
by Nazdazzler January 30, 2008

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