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A bush hooker is a woman/girl in the australian trance party scene, that is known for frequent leg opening, general whore-ishness, being a total gay bitch an very likely to spread a new type of STD. You would be wise to avoid the scabbed up Bush Hooker.
Ted: Hey Steve, what do you reckon of that blond one over on the dance floor being a mad slut?

Steve: Nah not her mate, she's been boarded more times than a P&O cruise liner, and she smells like muff garbage too.

Ted: Oh yeah thats right, thats that gay bitch that calls herself a "psy-bogan", what a festy bush hooker
by fukcdoof February 11, 2013
7 3
A lesbian prostitute
Tina's mom is definitely a bush hooker...just look at her clothes!
by conjarkmomo August 11, 2011
1 4