To deliberately and selfishly divulge information about a coworker for the sole purpose of gaining an upper hand on said coworker to an authoritative third party (i.e. the boss).
Jordan: “Matt, can you believe what Fisher did?”
Matt: “What did he do now?"
Jordan: “I was only 5 minutes late, FJ was not in the office yet and had no idea i was late, then Fisher completely bus drove me by telling FJ i was late to work!”
Matt: “Yeah Fisher is such a fucking BUS DRIVER!”
by Matt Dom April 05, 2008
lesbian; a woman whose emotional, romantic, and sexual energies are geared towards other women; typically a butch dyke with a mullet
She drove the bus for the field hockey team.
by rob August 02, 2004
An individual of greater skill, knowledge, or talent who unambigiously dominates over an individual or group. A bus driver is so named because he/she takes everyone to school (See "Schooled").
I tried to drive the lane on that big brother, but damn it, the bus driver took the whole team to school.
by filmchild February 24, 2004
The definition of Bus Driver traces it routes to Mexican folklore, where parents told their child if they did not behave, an angry short chubby gringo would steal (or molest) their souls. In modern times, this term has been relegated to a specific bus dispatcher. He is prone to unnecessary and disturbing conversations. Usually these involve a misunderstanding of his job, sticking it to the man, smoke-stacks, non-work related fluids (penetrating oil, or gallons of rum), and the boasting of extremely durable items that are not actually durable. The purpose of these conversations is to avoid work, or to one up another's story. This leads to a series of unsupportable fallacies. Examples are part-time diabetes, and laptops stronger than stone. Prolonged exposure to this individual may lead to turrets like blurting of random words and noises. In rare instances, this may escalate to feline AIDS.
"Fred walked over to Barney's desk to Bus Driver the project. In the end, Barney ended up doing Fred's work and showing HR where he was touched on a teddy bear."
by DeadPuffin November 14, 2013
Hitting a female so hard their weave falls off.
Damn, man! You gotta stop bus drivering her! She's running outta good weaves!
by Jayley☮♥☺ November 02, 2012
a evil person ( usualy ) who doesn't care your running late. Usualy fat and unatractive.
yeah she was trying to fit through the bus seats to yell at those kids what a fat busdriver !
by shan123 December 23, 2010
When you bang a girl doggie-style, grab her pig-tails and move them back and forth like you have a big bus steering wheel in your hands. Proceed to make vroom-vroom noises and don't forget to honk the horn.
I was bored banging this girl, so I gave her a bus driver last night.
by too_tall December 17, 2010

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