A person who feels as though they have to flirt or whore around with every member of the oppsite sex on the bus to make themsleves feel important. The Bus Whore will probably end up dating multiple people on the bus and will have very big commitment problems with them. He will probably end up going out with them for a week or so and break up with them out of boredom and then move on to his next victim.
"Hey Lulu look at that douche whose going out with the bus whore." " Wow Brando what an idoit , there only gonna be together until that manwhore gets bored"
by fictional_reality27 July 08, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who sucks cock in the back of the bus for a cigarette in ninth grade.
God, Samantha Flemming is such a bus whore! (see also: TurboHo)
by bus drive December 09, 2006
Person who steals other people's seats on the bus, normally from your crush or significant other.
Say you get to the school bus late and find someone else in the seat you usually sit with. (which is convieniently located next to your object of affection) Screaming "That Bus Whore stole my seat!" would be appropiate.
by Spider Smiter January 21, 2005
Someone who gives oral pleasure on the back of a school or coach bus. Someone who feels that a bus is an appropiate place to have intimate moments with their non-Boyfriend.
Guy 1- "Wow, the girl Michelle is SUCH a bus whore."
Guy 2- "I Know, i know..."
by gagmewithaspoon69 October 18, 2009
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