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Burnt Plastic. A certain person who thinks they are beyond perfect and walk around like they own the place. Like a Barbie doll(hence the fact they are made of plastic), but they make themselves way over rated. They have a presence or act like everything is about them. Everyone is tired of hearing the person talk about them selves. They are two-faced. This word/phrase mainly pertains to girls, but can very well describe guys as well.
1) "Oh they think they are so perfect, Burnt Plastic!!"

2) *Someone can't stop talking about themselves, or they are just being annoying to you.*

---you'd say--- "Shut up Burnt plastic."

3) *Jenny talks to Chris and is very flirty and nice*
~Friend: "Jenny I saw you flirting with Chris"
~Jenny: "Oh that? I was just trying to get last nights notes...he's so beneath me."
~Friend: "You are so Burnt Plastic."
by southern4life January 16, 2014
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