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A country within Eastern Connecticut State University. Originally a dictatorship run by Dyanjoule Valentine, she was quickly ousted and sent to Uconn by the latest Burnapian recruits.

Burnap then enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity, having a more democratic form of government run by a council known as the RAs. Under this new system, violence was at a minimum, if present at all. However, partying and drinking were ever present within the confides of the state.

Recently, Burnap was elected a new ruler in place of Dyanjoule Valentine. Simply known as Katie, she is young and has yet to threaten the peaceful lifestyle of the Burnapians.

Compared to the residing countries around it, Burnap is leading in terms of standard of living. Where others have failed, the people of Burnap have managed to unify a diverse population for the betterment of themselves. Truly a beacon for future generations
Burnap: Simliar to Heaven, but much better
by Andrew Warzocha November 19, 2006
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