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Burna Means Gun in slang terms nah mean dat street life Ebonics
Come on the stripe my dunz got heavy burnaz 4 dayz repping dat place the infamous T.Dot cause u know crimez payz bloody sunday str8 hell fire where we got demons prepareing to take ya last breath so i bust back until nuthin left all six shot str8 sweep ya off ya feet jane n finch niggaz know to 4ever hold heat Dont get it Twisted STR8!!
by Shyheim December 05, 2004
A short name used by fans when talking about the Nigerian musician Slim Burna, a Port Harcourt based pop singer.
Fan1: I've been listening to nothing else but Burna recently.
Fan2: Same here bro.
by Naijakiddo January 14, 2014
A shortened name referring to the singer Slim Burna. Often used by both female and male fans .
Girl: Guess who I went to see perform at the club yesterday?
Guy: At the club? Who?
Girl: Burna
by Pitakwagal January 14, 2014
A member of the infamous Soreal Cru.
Brian "Burna" Puspos is easily the hottest guy to dance on the ABDC stage.
Him and his crew were robbed of the second season's championship.
America chose the uglier Supercr3w as the winner.

The only true definition is that he is an INCREDIBLE dancer/choreographer
and deserves the hottest guy alive title.

He spends his free time working out,
allowing him to eat an entire box of cereal every morning
and has washboard abs to prove it.
Girl #1: Who's that hottie?
Girl #2: GTFO it's Burna!
Girl #1: No wonder, hottest guy alive right there.
by alexxxa. September 04, 2008
a colorful piece of graffiti.
My crew got together yesterday and did that tight burna on one of the freights.
by js573 February 28, 2005
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