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An extraordinarily beautiful girl. Very smart and unique and enjoys other company. Can be extremaly bitchy but for some reason everyone enjoys her company.... girls want to be her, and guys want to have her ;)
guy 1: damn, i need a girl who's smart and a nice piece of ass

guy 2: you need an amadi!
by Moticiar April 19, 2013
A boy who's skin is the color of milk chocolate, who's smile glitters with kindness. He's sweeter than grandma's snicker doodles and he makes people laugh with his natural sense of humor. He is someone who will always not only listen, but understand. He is the apple of your eye.
Girl: He's handsome and so sweet, I'm glad he's mine.
Girl 2: So his name is Amadi?
by dippinsauce December 05, 2010
black ass gay ass nigga det suxk dixk eat bbooty nd kiss boys his sister ugly af nd he go wit a dude
damn nigga yhu went the wrong way the amadi way
by bootywarrior55 May 14, 2015

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