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Burger Deluxe is a term applied by potheads referring to women who are extremely exquisite and somehow elusive especially in the intranet. Nerds love her and dog walkers too. There is only one kind and it's grilled in the south. Burger Deluxe. Other terms for B.D are Cheetah Deluxe Burger, Panther by Night Burger, or pulling leg burger due to its strong contrast of ingredients and taste between sweet and spicy. It melts you. It’s routinary or ritualistic made n eaten in Italy by book worms and tweakers alike and enjoyed in the open green belt of the country.
Pot Head: She's is such a Cheetah Deluxe Burger. I had to put it down.

Stoner: You're such a square, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. I love my Burger Deluxe Panther by Night.
by AlienMinded April 11, 2015
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