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To burfle is to commit an error in speech in which two or more phonemes are transposed, or one or more phonemes are substituted.
A burfle is simillar to a spoonerism but with a much wider scope for error.
A true burfle should provide some measure of amusement to listeners, and be unintentional on the part of the speaker.
"The scouting organisation recently voted to ban lesbian beaver levers"

"Damn I really burfled lesbian beaver leaders, that ususally only happens around things that make me nervous, like hyperdeemic nurdles"
by Boyles Law July 20, 2012
1) Something that appears very fiber-resistant, usually contains meat, best served steamy

2) Anything that is mixed into anything
(ie. a glass of coke with chicken, ice cream, sugar, salt, ketchup, etc = Burfle Espresso)
What's for dinner?
by Burfle Bob November 05, 2006
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