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Someone that's so cute and lovely that only calling them bunny boo will do.
I was with this bunny boo last night and it was awesome!
by Jake Wallz January 12, 2012
An extremely cute and usually small rabbit.
Snowy is my little bunny boo! He is such a cute little lop!
by Mad Plutonian Overlord July 12, 2016
Goes by the name of Helen Wiltsie; A liar on the forums called Flowgo ; What Trolls cook for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but can be very fattening ; A common slut
Oh no, Bunnyboo again!
by anonymous April 24, 2004
A liar; Two-Faced; Kisses up and always goes by the name of Helen Wiltsie
"I hate that BunnyBoo, that old hag"
"BunnyBoo from Flowgo? What a old b*tch!"
by EC April 24, 2004
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