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Bunkashift is a made up word, but as a made up word it holds the most power of any in English language history. Formed in College court, Limerick in 2008, it has since gone on to be used widely across irish colleges anywhere an argument between 2 people has lost meaning. This is to say when two people argue and they realise that not only do neither of them care who is right any more, but also that they are embarrassing themselves further in the eyes of others, they can call bunkashift and end it gracefully. Another use of bunkashift is when friends are reminiscing about times gone by, a simple way to acknowledge that you remeber fondly is to say bunkashift.
Steo: "No your wrong it was bill pullman not paxton"
Roddy:"no it was definately paxton"
Steo:"you know what man, bunkashift"
Roddy:"i agree"

usage 2:
Steo"remeber that time you shat down the neighbour's chimney?
Pa:" haha bunkashift"
by Aidsbomb February 27, 2011

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