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A word used by Weird Bored people who live in Matarawa and various area's of such boredum. Used as a more excited thing to say, Meaning that is a strange or different thing or object, Also used as Bung as a short term if you are low on time. It has been used in Many games by select people as it isnt very popular or well known yet. It is not known if it is just bung with zor attatched to the end or a whole new offbreed word.
Tomo: Look at this young grasga demon ranny roffle!
Rego: LOLOLOLWTF thats Bungzor!!!ONE!1

Cythus: Oi i was playing WoW yesterday and i glitched and fell through the game!!
Lanzar: wtf bungzor..
by Regan Mcmanaway January 10, 2006

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