A fob-like person, who is usually (but not always) of South Asian descent, who tends to display fungus tendencies and spends most of his time chasing wovels he will never actually get.
Wow look at that guy, he's even more of a Bundu than Hammad or Muayyed!
by Nyqra'ena October 29, 2007
Top Definition
A Bantu South African word that refers to a wild uninhabited region far from towns or civilization. Same use as wilderness.
"Fucking Vodacom, I was stuck in the bundus with no cellphone signal"
"Werner went camping in the bundus"
by munky82 November 27, 2013
One who takes up too much room on stage
That band BILF is great, but thr drummer is a real Bundus
by The Artist September 29, 2003
Sexy British drummer for world famous band
oh my God does Bilf ever have the most amazing Bundus he rocks my world
by Lil' Linz October 27, 2003

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