A main character in the webcomic "Sluggy Freelance"
He's a little white mini-lop with the attitude of a homicidal gangster. Favorite weapon is a switch-blade but also has a gun (where all this is stashed in anyones guess)
He don't take no shit and will cut you like a bitch at the drop of a hat
by Anubis January 04, 2005
v. To inflict wanton violence on a semi-innocent. (Sluggy fandom)
"He Bun-bunned that telemarketer but GOOD."
by JohnWWells December 07, 2003
n. A switchblade-wielding mini-lop rabbit who features prominently in the webcomic Sluggy Freelance. As of 12-7-2003, Bun-bun is reluctantly serving as the Easter Bunny.
"Bun-bun: Time to die, Nerd-Boy!"
by JohnWWells December 07, 2003
verb/term. just enjoying your life in general. try to misuse it i dare you, its absolutely possible.
easy broseph, im just pettin my bunbun.
by poincentermanufacturenation June 06, 2009
The Bunny that's obsessed with Fujii. She's known to glomp random strangers and say I love you to anyone. Likes yaoi, jrock, and lime tic tacs.
"Bun Buns just doesn't realize Fujii bookas goats.."
by MB January 18, 2003
Go up to the look up box and type in bun bun to get the definition of what a bun bun is.
Bun buns and bun bun?
by Unknown May 26, 2004
tacky. stupid. anything that sucks (wedding related)
Like someone asking for a poem for the bathroom baskets... That is SO bun bun

The dollar dance is SOOOOO bun bun.
by Goldphishe September 21, 2004

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