v. To inflict wanton violence on a semi-innocent. (Sluggy fandom)
"He Bun-bunned that telemarketer but GOOD."
by JohnWWells December 07, 2003
N. A bun bun is a peculiar critter with many idiosyncrasies. Generally female, Bun Bun's roam the wild generally carrying around large purses, and not wearing pants. Though being creatures with abnormally disproportionate heads, they are swayed and ruled by the demands and edicts of they tummys. After eating a meal, Bun Bun's generally convene again at the dinner table to partake a second meal of fruit. Despite all this they maintain a perfect figure. Bun Buns in their natural habit are suberb fashionistas, they work like elves with little sewing machines even though there may be huge opportunity costs involved such as lack of sleep or loss of weight. They are known to sleep in other peoples cars and are easily spooked by popping balloons. Wild Bun Buns are commonly seen wandering downtown, lost with no sense of direction, however more cultivated Bun Buns easily navigate the labyrinth streets of the city. For sustenance, Bun Buns are seen scurrying to and from Starbucks, which they peculiarly call buckstar. If one ever encounters a Bun Bun, domesticated or wild, proceed with caution
Its a wild BUN BUN in her natural habitat, Best not disturb her while she sleeps.
by A Jon Jon January 15, 2009
It's where most people keep their parm, so it won't get stale and dried out.
I went to the loaf store to buy some parm, because I noticed my Bun Buns was empty. At my house, you can never have enough Parm in your Bun Buns.
by Speed Racer July 08, 2004
verb/term. just enjoying your life in general. try to misuse it i dare you, its absolutely possible.
easy broseph, im just pettin my bunbun.
by poincentermanufacturenation June 06, 2009
The Bunny that's obsessed with Fujii. She's known to glomp random strangers and say I love you to anyone. Likes yaoi, jrock, and lime tic tacs.
"Bun Buns just doesn't realize Fujii bookas goats.."
by MB January 18, 2003
Go up to the look up box and type in bun bun to get the definition of what a bun bun is.
Bun buns and bun bun?
by Unknown May 26, 2004
tacky. stupid. anything that sucks (wedding related)
Like someone asking for a poem for the bathroom baskets... That is SO bun bun

The dollar dance is SOOOOO bun bun.
by Goldphishe September 21, 2004
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