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Anal sex
Bump ass. The receiving or giving sex by using the anus

Now and then, for a change we bump ass. It makes for a real change.
by susieque February 26, 2010

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Broken, busted, crappy, shitty, junky, non-working, inoperative or just plain pisses you off.
I got stuck at that bump ass stop light twice.
by Shiznamslappy April 16, 2009
An individual, generally female, who exhibits a well defined and prominent glutinous maximus. An essential element of a bumpass is the ability to gyrate the individuals hind-quarters in a very purposefully explicit manner. Also see Bumpass Shuffle
Whoa! Check out the bumpass on dat chick! Or Damn! Tracy sure does have a bumpass!
by archetype42 November 29, 2006