Bumchin is a term to describe a small young fat guy with a bit of a bum on his chin. He is known to hang round with General chode and chode kings prodigal son. He has declined my offer for an alcaholic beverage (bevvy) several times. Such a shame. Also dumped his first girlfriend after seeing her face.
<kev> ohhh bumchin lad goin for a bevvy later?
<bumchin>(high pitched voice) no one else calls me bumchin.
by Herman "The Hash" Henderson August 15, 2006
an arse on your face
andy.m (bumchin)
by ben readings October 21, 2003
enemy of the nibblets and hamsters and lepricons.Their chins resemble a bum. There tecnology is primmitive but thir numbers can compensate for that.
don't shoot that bumchin!
by general_hamster March 10, 2003
a chin having a cleft in it or resembling the buttocks.
Jess has a bumchin! hahaaa
by banane_tastique June 24, 2005
a bum chin is a cleft chin. it appears like an arse on ones face
Oh my god, Tracy has such a bum chin. Having oral sex with her would be like having anal sex with a bum
by Kurteos December 06, 2011
A burd called Carrie McMillan. She has a walloper of a chin. Her bum-chin is so big, it frequently gets mistaken for mount everest. She is also a dirty and sucks off any cunt wantin' it. x
Robbie: "Hey carrie, you look pretty today!"

Peter Griffin: "Oh really? how nice of you. Wanna have sex?"

Robbie: "No fucking way! I was joking! Look at that bum chin


Robbie: "I'm fucking bored!"

Carrie: "Lemme suck yah willy and balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Rajjan Schmitzel April 13, 2011
A chin that looks like a bum.
Demi lovato has a bum chin.
by MagicalUnicorn555 July 15, 2009

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