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An extremely fat person who resembles a ball with arms legs and a very small head. they are often seen eating "freedom" fries and other fatty foods
Hi Tubby
by general_hamster March 14, 2003
a fuzzy ball shaped animal. They hide in dark places in your house and occasionaly sneek out to steel food.
They are the father of the nibblet family.
Its a flying nibblet!
by general_hamster March 10, 2003
They inhabit peoples houses and come out of there secret tunnels to extract cheese from your kitchen. They resemble a fuzz ball. They have begun to create a nuclear bomb made of nuclear reactive cheese. They era planning to destroy the world as they escape in there secret space shuttle.
there goes those flying cheese nibblets
by General_Hamster March 10, 2003
enemy of the nibblets and hamsters and lepricons.Their chins resemble a bum. There tecnology is primmitive but thir numbers can compensate for that.
don't shoot that bumchin!
by general_hamster March 10, 2003
The female nibblet (see Nibblet) Enjoy eating and sleeping and that is about it.
Moo, Its a nibbletta
by general_hamster March 10, 2003
Child of nibblets. (see nibblet) run around and tend to bleak things while trying to steal food. If they are too noisy they tend to explode.
That nibblite exploded!
by general_hamster March 10, 2003
a fat waddling persone who can hardly walk
he looks like a penguin
by General_Hamster March 10, 2003
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