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A Bulslar happens when a man is in the act of anal intercourse with a woman/man, while wearing mismatched gloves and 30 feet of high tensile, repelling rope, securely fastened around the torso and pelvic area of the receiving party. The resulting climax is similar to having ones testicles repeatedly slammed into a block of room temperature lime jello (fruit chunks included), Thus resulting in a facial expression akin to divine pleasure mixed with unbridled rage. resulting in a primal 110 decibel scream sounding much like a chicken unlaying an ostrich egg. Average seminal volume normally ranges from 8 to 16 ounces. Usually common place with folks who like to tuck their junk back and dance to "Goodbye Horses" by Garvey
After he made me "put the lotion on the skin" he totally pulled Bulslar on me. it was actually kind of nice.
by crackbaby99 February 04, 2010
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