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The gagging sounds made by someone who is about to pray to the porcelain god.
Uhhh, here it comes...I ate somet'ing I shouldn'ta eaten and I'm gonna bulp any minute!
by pentozali September 25, 2008
Puke, nauseate, to make someone ill.
John: "That girl is pretty hot, even if she is about 50 years old, and looks like someone beat her with a bag of nickels."

Derrick: "Bulp! That's disgusting!"
by Derrick Diggler September 03, 2007
This is the word to use when something is discusting, sick, makes you wanna vom,ect. It is more like a sound make to the bad reaction to something.
"Ew look at that bloody booger."
by kimmmmaayy June 01, 2009