The hottest female from dragon ball. Has beautiful eyes and knows how to work machines. Has a beautiful ass and a tight vagina. You really need to check out some pictures of Bulma.
Guy 1: Hey I just started watching the anime dragon ball!

Guy 2: Wow, have you checked out bulmas hot ass and tits yet?

Guy 1: No but now that you mention it, I will.
by xeno7007 December 28, 2012
Top Definition
Character in Dragon Ball (Z and GT too). she has blue hair and a massive attitude. fucked yamcha for a while, but gets with Vegeta and pops out Trunks and Bra.
Bulma like to wear skank ass clothing.
by Elise May 24, 2004
Main botch from DBZ. Likes to bend forward and smile as she pees herself and her ass grows bigger and bigger.
Your ass will pop one day and I will laugh VERY hard!
by Black Shy Guy August 08, 2003
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