A word founded by the Fags4Life which means to lie in a really funny way.
Michael bullstuffs constantly to his friends.
by CornPops August 28, 2008
Top Definition
A TV-friendly version of "bullshit".
"Bullstuff mothalova!"
by Hollaback1212 January 05, 2009
Word used in swear-free version of Steaver370's song "Window". Same meaning as "bullshit", but non-explicit.
Get all this bullstuff out of here, on the count of ten
And go and open another bullstuff museum
by Steaver370 April 23, 2004
The stuff of bulls, in lydia-arabic bulls is balls, so translation & stuff would mean the stuff of balls, meaning sperm, The Vas Dermis and Testicles.
I've got 2 things wiv bullstuff in dem.
by Sabian May 03, 2004
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