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Shannanigans- deceitful trickery, an underhanded act. Sometimes a playful or mischievous act; a prank.

Bullshit - Events, situations or retardedly non-functional things that are always annoying. You don't like it- whatever it is, and really you (probably) couldn't care any less about it. Usually because well, its fucking bullshit.

Bullshitshannangans - Bullshit and Shannanigans combined with an implied serious shittiness factor of x100 or greater.
Bullshitshannigans! Why wont this computer start!

"...So the ex-wife keeps getting me back in the sac. Bitch takes me back to court around a month later, every single time. This is serious bullshitshannanigans. I need to learn."

Sudbury busses could very well be the embodiment of bullshitshannanigans.
by ElevenOfSpades August 17, 2010
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