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-The stuff coming out of a bulls ass
`The Iraqi people have got weapons of mass destruction!`
-`Oh no, that is bullshit`
by Jhonssens November 21, 2007
29 29
Entirely false information often solicited by Jehovah Witnesses, politicians, and common everyday hicks. Also as a verb: soliciting said information.
My, George W. , what a great Bullshiter you are.
Am. hist. teacher:"Now, why did you choose to take Am. Hist.?"
student:"I like learning about those who made our country what it is."
teacher:"what excellent bullshit
23 23
4) When a bull takes a dump.
5) who the hell doesn't know what bullshit is?
Boyfriend: My dick is 2 feet long.
Girlfriend: BULLSHIT!!!!
by BukakePokeMyBalls May 09, 2011
4 5
someone who bullshits all the time
-yo,look who's coming
-oh shit,the bullshit express
-yeah,com'on lets get lost
by can142 March 15, 2007
49 50
A great TV show on Showtime the Pen and Teller do, it can sometimes be insulting but it delievers its point well every time, with humor that will cause one to luagh their ass off.
Bullshit is so funny, I luagh myself to tears when I see a episode.
by Simon Hawthorne July 15, 2006
19 20
exactly how it sounds...its bull shit
you dont wanna step in this
on the ranch...

benny: whats that smell?
bob: DUDE! you stepped in bullshit!
by abcdefgfijklmnopqrstuvwxyz December 31, 2008
12 14
(noun)- an action or event performed by someone that is extremely aggravating to others.

(verb)- to complain or act in a way that aggravates others

(adjective)- something useless, ridiculous, stupid, annoying etc.
"Sarah always complains about the traffic. I'm so sick of her bullshit."

"Whenever Jack has a bad day at work, I have to listen to him bullshit for the next 3 hours."

Patrick- Jenna's such a nice girl
Cameron- That's bullshit! She's the biggest slut i know!
by Cacitta August 19, 2007
11 13