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6 definitions by Hanan

The most delicious sauce in the world. Burgar King charges you extra for it if you don't buy the chicken tenders
Sheep, honey mustard and fries makes me so happy *smiles retardedly*
by Hanan March 11, 2004
23 14
Half Russian, or Hungarian Russian. Maybe Both.
Props to Hanan, Ormos and some nigger
Yo, that nigger Ormos is Hussian
by Hanan March 10, 2004
9 4
Klingon for lonelyness.
Comic book guy: "Is there a word in klingon for lonelyness?" *flips through book* "Ah yes. Kartak!"
by Hanan March 10, 2004
6 3
Hussian nigger up in T-hill. Werd up Jon.
Ormos is Hanans boy. Shiiiiiiit.
by Hanan March 10, 2004
5 8
Whenever Price says anything.
Yo I was driving my escalade and fucking smashed into this other car and just peaced the fuck out of there.

Yo I got a loaded hunting rifle in my trunk so if I get pulled over I'm fucked!
by Hanan February 12, 2005
6 24
A nigger in the popular rap group called The Geto Boys
Bushwick Bill was that nigger in that group. Fuck Yeah!
by Hanan March 09, 2004
20 82