1. Item of confectionary. Gobstopper famous in the 80s.
2. Darts quiz show hosted by Jim 'Super Smashing Great' Bowen, famous in the 80s.
3. Another name for the anus.
4. To shoot one's duff in a girl's eye.
1. "Hello Mr Shopkeeper, please can I have a 10p mix with a drumstick, some cola bottles, flying saucers and a bullseye?"
2. "IN ONE." "Be a 'cut' above the rest with these garden shears"
3. As Felicity was sucking me off she stuck her finger right up my bullseye.
4. "Oh Clayton, not again."
by The Strut October 01, 2004
To drop a turd in the toilet with such precision that the water splashes straight up and hits the anus. Much a kin to a perfect dive that splashes up and makes no ripples in the water.
Hey! Guys! I just went to the crapper and guess what? Bullseye!
by kendo January 21, 2004
A perfect, large cumshot resulting form a handjob.
My wife was too tired to fuck, so we opted for a bullseye.
by NeoMaxiZoomDweeby April 16, 2009
A tattoo on the lower back right above the ass crack, usually female...It's use when your fucking a girl doggy slyle and right before you cum, you pull out and aim for the tattoo...If a guy has one then he probablly can't fuck and is a fag...
She's a hoe fo sho just by the looks of her bulls eye...
by GetOffDeezNutz November 18, 2007
Next time you're on the couch with a girl in a skirt, go for the bullseye:

1. Pull back the bow string : pull her panties aside

2. Lay your arrow : insert penis

3. Fire away: fire away


Ashley was wearing this hot sun dress on my couch, so I sat down, pull the string, laid my arrow, and fired away. BULLSEYE!
by Robert Tammer July 27, 2010
Arguably, one of the best camp breakfasts there is and yet also one of the simplest to make. A bullseye is made by removing the center of a piece of bread and putting it in a greased cast iron skillet on a grate over a campfire. Then, an egg is cracked and dropped in the hole in the bread (hence the name bullseye). Finally, cheese and/or ham is placed on it and it's allowed to cook, flipping as necessary. However, pepperoni (or ronies) can also be used in place of the ham or it can be eaten plain.
Can I have a bullseye, ham and possibly ronies
Tell me Kathryn, do you want your eggs cooked up sunny side
I want to sleep
Don't you dare close your eyes!!!
by The_Hawk August 07, 2009
When you blow your load straight into a girl's eye.
That bitch deserves a bullseye.
by Steve VanReenen May 21, 2004

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