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7 definitions by wavyg

When the town you currently reside in is a veritable shithole; a cornucopia of all that sucks.
"Holy cow! I can't wait to have this jerkwater schitty in my rearview mirror for good!"
by wavyg July 16, 2014
Cap'n Insano is a male or female who is so batshit nuts that they are the Captain on their own personal ship of fools (which consists solely of themselves).
"Darla went beserkers on me for drinking her last Yoohoo. That bitch is full-on Cap'n Insano!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
Hitting upon that "sweet spot" or position that does it so completely for your partner they flip their noodle; for about (an hour) they will revere you as a god/dess.
WOW!! BULLSEYE!, BABY! 2 thumbs & 2 legs up!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
Means the same thing as wow but with more "oomph" & enthusiasm.
"You're going out with Monica tonight? Wowzers! Dean-o!! Props buddy - hope ya seal tha deal!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
High probability this is the most lame brained, dipshitty word ever invented; likely created by some sniveling little turd who whines if s/he has to step foot outside or get off their goddamn i-pad for two whole minutes. Anyone that's a big enough nosebleed to actually use this word should be straight jacketed, put in a damp, dark cellar, & be left alone with their thoughts until they see the egregious error of their ways.
Tween bobby soxer #1: omggg!! The bedazzling job I did on my new denims is MAJOR awesome-sauce!! Jealous much?!"
Tween bobby soxer #2: STFU u irritating little runt, or I'll dust your crops for you! Jesus - did your mom have any kids that lived??!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
A rather rude retort; the insinuation being that the intended audience of this request shove an object of questionable safety & hygiene sideways up their bum.
Teacher to pupil: "Chloe, i hear you flapping your busy little gums back there. Since you're currently receiving a "D" in this class, i'd think you - OF ALL PEOPLE!- would pay attention".
Chloe to teacher: "Shove it sideways, ya old bag!"
Teacher: "Whaaaaa!!?!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
Slang term for being in such a state of arousal you'd dry hump the couch.
"DAYUM! I'm a freak in heat; a dog without warning. My Appetite's for sex cos: MISO HORNY!!"
by wavyg July 21, 2014