word used when someone very aggressively tells another person to do something and the person does it without hessitating because of fear
James: "get the fuck out my way bitch!"
Amy:(moves very quickly out of james's way)
James: (james would them reply) "bullied!"

by Christy and Jasmine October 17, 2006
Top Definition
When you trick, stun or generally get one over on your mates. Similar to punked. Excellent come-back word, used effectively when people have suffered a misfortune.
"Dude, did you have the last beer?"

"Yeh, bullied"


"My girls just finished with me"

"lol, bullied"
by Don Fandango August 06, 2007
1. adj. subjected to bullying.

2. v. past tense of bully.
We say that someone is bullied because someone else bullied him.
by Downstrike September 13, 2004
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