A word used to describe some one who is full shit. Bullshitter.
Hey man, "I won the lottery today"...reply...Aw, Bullbutter..
by Trerck August 09, 2008
Top Definition
1. A polite way of saying Bull Shit, often times heard in Southern culture.

2.When someone says something untrue and you vehemently object to their false remark without cursing, you can say: "Bull Butter!"

3. An obvious lie.
Stan: "One time, I jumped out of a tree stand 20 ft up onto the back of a deer and I road it a mile before stabbing the deer with my pocket knife."

Chris: "Bull Butter!"
by JSmoove1 December 22, 2011
A word an asshole uses when he wants to be an ass. Derived from bullshit. Calling someone out on a lie.
Your so full of bullbutter.
This shit is bullbutter.
by Steven l c March 21, 2007
Butter made of bull sperm
Would you like some bull butter with your rocky mountain oysters?
by poppy chri$ April 29, 2013

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