Top Definition
To be utterly positivley false without question.
Barbara: Yo, this water tastes like Camel Urine.
Dylan: Bull honkey, it tastes like a fine wine.
by Ian H. October 23, 2005
When something is unfair and uncool.
Jake: "DUDE, you know that chick we picked up at the party?"

Cory: "Yeah, man, she was damn finee."

Jake: "...Turns out she's a dude..."

by JWest and KelseyKatastrophe. August 22, 2008
explanatory. use as if using the word "ouch"
use instead of ouch. when you stub your toe yell "bullhonkey" as loud as possible
by Vinny Barraza January 28, 2005
when u pull a bulls ball-sack down to the ground
u really honked that bull
by scott wakeling November 19, 2003
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