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1) A woman's hair style in which the hair is teased to give an overall puffed-out appearance and often combed to frame the face.

2) A comedy script by the Vestibules.
Search on youtube for the video.

Man 1: See that LADY?
Man 3: Yes.
Man 1: What kind of a hairstyle does she have?
Man 3: Uh, that looks like a bouffant. bouffant: (of a person’s hair) styled so as to stand out from the head in a rounded shape: aufgetürmt
Man 3: Yes, a bouffant.
Man 2: Uh, actually, I...I couldn't help noticing that myself, it's sort of what you might call a, a Bulbous Bouffant.
Man 3: Yes, a bulbous bouffant.
#comedy #bulbous #boufant #hair #women
by Whert? April 22, 2010
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