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Bulbous - resembling a bulb especially in roundness or the gross enlargement of a part... FUPA - Fatty upper pussy area... Bulbfupa - A person possessing both a bulbous ass and fatty front. This person is generally seen with a person of small stature shoved so far into the bulbous region that she appears to have 4 legs. Beware of people with bulbfupa as they tend to be unfaithful and ungrateful . These people are to be avoided at all cost.
Friend 1:OMG did you here how bad bulbfupa was treating him last night?
Friend 2: Ya I can't believe he is still with her she is so nasty and doesn't even like him.
Friend 3: We need to talk to him and get him away from bulbfupa he can do better than her.
by bulbfupasabitch February 18, 2009
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