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What big daddy calls his sweetheart to show their love for one another!
Hey buhbee, I love you!
by Knasty>722 October 11, 2011
buhbees –noun, slang
boo-bee, boob-ee, buhb-ee

1. the people who don't care what you've done, where you're from, or the mistakes you made. they stand by your side forever & always ♥

2. boobies
I love mah buhbees!

Buhbees make the best of friends.
by Licious & Licious Inc June 27, 2011
1. a term of endearment normally used by girls towards there boyfriends.

2. another way of saying baby; the cuter way
1. I love you buhbee.

2. buhbee is cuter than baby.
by august_rushhh July 24, 2008

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