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Necessities: cheap beer, night time, a bug zapper
An exceptionally primitive yet glorious drinking game. Ideal in rural areas (more bugs) depending on how much you value your liver.
Quite simply, each time the device kills a bug, indicated by an easily noticeable zapping sound, you drink. Meatheads tend to appreciate the beauty of this game more so than the general population.
An excellent game for alcoholics looking to keep it simple.
Jose Contreras: Beer pong is so much better than flip cup.
Bruce Lee: Who gives a shit? Both pale in comparison to the epic sport of Bug Zapper.
#flaidreich #tremor punch #johan ludwig von #combat giraffe #dr. hunter s. thompson #battle toad #war pig #squabble snake
by benny b from the bronx August 16, 2007
a term used to describe a girl whose pussy is so stanky that if a bug were to land on it, it would die instantly
Jon: Bob, did you go home with that gorilla looking girl last night?
Bob: Yea man. Fuckin' took it down.
Jon: Ohhhh Bob you put your dick in that bug zapper?
#gaper #black hole #vagina #roast beef #beef curtains
by Crispy13 October 12, 2008
A person that gives a gift to someone with the intention of covertly benefiting from the use of that gift.
You go to your local WAL-Mart and purchase a really nice, top of the line, bug zapper. Then in a gracious gesture you give it to your new neighbor as a house warming present. That summer you relax in your back yard to the sound of sizzling insects and you never have to maintain it!
#gift #covert #overt #insect #zapper
by Hang June 07, 2006
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