A cult TV-show (1996-2003). It was probably the start of the vampire-craze which is still ongoing.

The show is not so much about a girl fighting vampires as it is about female empowerment and christianity bashing.

Had an inventive dialogue which, to me, made it fun to watch even though I'm a christian and many villains are symbols of organised religion, such as priests.

The only thing I don't really like is the character Angel, who doesn't develop a well-rounded personality until three seasons in and then disappears from the show into the spin-off "Angel" where he quickly loses said personality and becomes a stereotype superhero á la Swartzenegger.
Caleb is one of the evil priests in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
by sdfghjklijuhygf January 10, 2012
a good instance of something so absurdly and devastatingly overrated that it has it own "academic" "field" of "studies".
(BTW, something can't be "totally unique" if it was based off a movie made in the early ninties--no matter what any of these wastoids say about what is "the true buffy". Take a hint.)
Buffy the vampire slayer is overrated; let's have Larry Sanders Studies too! I'll bet a hell of a lot more can come out of that show.
by Sheallee December 24, 2006
(N.) A show used by Law Enforcement in Suffix County to torture criminals into revealing incriminating information. No more Good cop, Bad cop. No more two on one guy in handcuffs ass kickings. Just a Season 7 DVD of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, starring America's Favorite mid-30's Teenage Brat, Sarah Michelle Gellar.
Dubbed, "The Buffy Project" a man named Joss Wheadon (Think Quentin Tarantino, but fatter) created a TV series that would one day become the staple of Non-Violent Prison Torture. Just five minutes of bad puns, and horrid storylines/scripts/plots would make even the hardest of criminals revert back to the infancy stage of human thinking.
by G-Union April 12, 2004

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