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An affectionate term for Buffalo, NY used by a wide variety of people, especially those whose hometown is Buffalo.
I was born and raised in Buffalo. I want to return to Buffalove after college!
by Jane678 March 08, 2012
A tern of endearment used to describe a person place or thing related to the city of Buffalo, NY
We need to show this person some Buffalove.
by jbs4 March 18, 2015
A terrible nickname that many outsiders use when referring to Buffalo and its surrounding areas. You will almost never hear someone from Buffalo use this term or the terms B-lo, Bflo, or the Buff when talking about Buffalo except when making fun of someone else who has used the word. Most often used by girls who go to UB and try to express their love for "Buffalove" when the only part of Buffalo they have ever seen are the bars on main street or chippewa.
So where are you from?
I grew up in Buffalo.
OMG!!! I went to school in Buffalove. I like totally loved it there.
Oh, I see. It's such a shame you don't live there now.
by yea baby! February 10, 2010
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