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An extremely thin skinned condition common among Western New Yorkers when such topics as Super Bowl defeats, Stanley Cup defeats, blizzards, fat ugly people and fish fries are discussed by anyone not from Buffalo. In some cases Buffalosensitives are mistakenly diagnosed as paranoid especially when their perennially mediocre sports teams flame out with either a bang (Wide right) or a whimper (Home run throwback) At times they seem justified in their angst (No Goal) but usually the truth simply is too painful to bear (7 feet of snow in one 24 hour period.) Ask anyone from South Buffalo if I made that last one up.
Damn, Smitty, don't be so Buffalosensitive, nobody knew Losman would lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl when he was picked up after Thanksgiving and Orton went down.
by Rastamick October 19, 2009
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