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a sex position where the guy sits down with his legs straight out and then girl sits on his dick facing away from the man with her legs backwards and then the guy grabs the girls arms and flaps them like chicken wings
I brought this slut home last night and gave her the Buffalo Wild Wing.

I was banging this girl and she asked me for the Buffalo Wild Wind
by wizkid0290 August 15, 2011
An act of roleplay in which you drench your partner in buffalo sauce, and sensually lick them like you would to a buffalo wing.
The "Wild" is inserted as this act is not too normal.
Why do you got sauce all over your face?

This guy gave me a buffalo wild wing last night. No, not the one you eat.
by BlowYaForYelpRating September 09, 2013
when you rub buffalo sauce in a girls vagina and she starts to wave her arms like wings because of the hotness of the sauce.
yo veronica was real horny last night, so we decided to experiment and she decided to have some buffalo wild wings.
by sauceyyymannn December 06, 2010
wings from wild flying buffalo removed to make tasty finger foods served at sports events.
The wild flying buffalo fly the skies no more because Domino's Pizza came up with the idea to seel buffalo wild wings as an apetizer.
by Alienskumboy April 03, 2005
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