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A song in a non English language that has been given subtitles based on what the foreign words SOUND like, not the defenition is said to have been Buffalaxed. This word comes from a GENIUS on YouTube whose username is Buffalax. He (or she) created the concept of Buffalaxing and is REALLY good at it.
(Actual Lytics)- Tunak Nuuan, Reelidun Yonsann Seer Ladamanan...
(Buffalaxed: what the lyrics sound like in English)- All along watch you pumping my retard, and you fill me with tar, and you party laying bears...

by DuffyBox March 03, 2008
To write the words to a foreign song as if the words were English (other language) words.

I buffalaxed that Indian song and it sounds like he is singing that the bunny put his engine inside me, Benny Lava.

by thelesbianfromct March 03, 2008
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