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The act of doing as little as possible. This usually involves wearing sweat pants, watching tons of TV, eating lots of unhealthy foods, and doing no critical thinking. Bueffing usually takes place after a night of heavy drinking.
The young couple decided to bueff it up by watching football, ordering pizza, and wearing pants with elastic waste bands.
by jujubee1 October 03, 2010
BUEFF is simply known as the ultimate word. Other than rare occasions, BUEFF is always written in all caps. It can be used in place of any word when ultimate meaning is needed. It can also be used by itself, followed by at least three exclamation marks. There are rumors that it is to be used as part of a code in a future game that causes you to win in an ultimate fashion.
my that's a big BUEFF you have
by Southpaw December 10, 2005
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