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A person not required, contributes nothing, excess to requirements. Full of their own self importance, always writes in the first party e.g. I build this, I've done that, I've bought that; regardless of how many others have helped or been involved.

Has to lie to cover inadequate knowledge on a subject.
A person lies and big notes themselves about something they had little to do with.

"You buckwit, you didn't do that"

Or "you buckwit, that's not true, here is the evidence"
by sabplat November 17, 2009
common cider bird found in the Kingswood region of Bristol (usually outside a kebab shop), with a vague expression on it's face. Emits a pontent eggy/apple smell at frequent intervals in an attempt to attract her prey, also emits an audible warning simultaneously. Unable to fly,
but can often be seen crawling from local nightclubs during the early hours (nocturnal). Do not approach during daylight hours, the cider bird is known for its aggressive behaviour as a result of low alcohol levels.

The Buckwit is also noted for its inability to be discreet when attempting to fletch its victims, and is ALWAYS caught in the act. A truly frustrated species, who is unable to breed until her mate migrates from the spanish regions.
Oh the buckwit is drunk again, just look at her strange face...
by Millsythemaster August 10, 2010
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