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This is a completely heterosexual phenomenon that occurs in male only showers during military deployments, or even at the local YMCA. A man will finish his shower and instead of drying off in the shower, or drying off at all, he will proceed to shave, brush his teeth, comb his hair, clip his fingernails, floss etc before placing on even a single stitch of clothing. The most blatant example is when they will straddle a bench and begin a converstation with a perfect stranger. Usually over manly things such as football scores or weight lifting. The predominant explanation for this behavior is that of closet homosexuals seeking like minded citizens or who enjoy simple exhibitionism. This is akin to the "wide stance" in the urinal or stall.
Guy #1: Hey that was a great shower...I noticed you do the Bucca Drip Dry.
Guy #2: Yeah, I'm not shy, if you know what I mean.
Guy #1: I think I know exactly what you mean. Hey will you be at the showers the same time tomorrow?
Guy #2: You know it.
Guy #1: Hey, maybe we can do some calf raises sometime?
Guy #2: Great, thought you'd never ask!
by Sgt. Montechristo October 02, 2007
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