Tampon waste recepticle
Bubbleman is in the ladie's room
by Mwahahaha! January 28, 2003
Top Definition
Evil aquatic robot from Megaman 2 that wields the power of lead bubble. He was defeated by Megaman in the year 20XX. Extremely arrogant and mean, he hates humans and insults them constantly with phrases like "meatbag" and "waste of organs." Runs his own message board on Gamers.com, and has his own comic and online game clan.
Bubbleman's lead bubbles are affective against Heatman and final form of Dr. Wily.
by Bubbleman January 28, 2003
1.Real Name: Mike Wise
Secret identity my ass..
by Unknown... January 28, 2003
defunct 8-bit robot running a motley crew of internet rag tag inner city kids. plans to sell the kids into slavery and buy a mopad.
Shut up you meatbag!!!
by bibliotecha January 28, 2003
A fat kid who sits at home and gets stpid people to think he's a robot. He's got a really unfunny comic about him living with two guys. They say they get drunk and party alot but I'm sure their really training to be THE BEST DUNGEON MASTERS EVER!
Bubbleman-or whatever the stupid little kid's name is-should've pick a better robot to pretend to be.
by UISjackolope April 04, 2003
Banned from EGM 44 times.
'Bubbleman is a menace!!!'~EGM Milkman
by balohna January 30, 2003
1. A sentient robot with a penis on his head. Has been known to commit sexual acts with kitchen appliances.

2. Extremely gay person seen on the bubbleman.com website.
1. What the hell is that bubbleman doing to my microwave?

2. Keep that bubbleman away from my children!!
by Sekani January 28, 2003
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