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An "adult" act involving popular party paraphenalia "Party Bubbles".
A bubble should be blown, using a combination of lips, air, the aforementioned party product & soapy water (use Mild Green Fairy Liquid) for best results...
This bubble should laid to rest on a consenting adults body...this bubble should then be popped by a body part (for example, nipple or penis tip) of another consenting adult.
To make this act more challenging/erotic, more bubbles can be blown...a populat variant is creating a line between cleavage, thighs or arse-crack - therefore creating a BUBBLEDOG!

N.B This has nothing to do with popular new Champagne & Hotdogs Soho Restaurant "Bubbledogs" or it's their of the two...
by TheSCGuy August 31, 2012

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