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a BubblePopper refers to someone who stylewise is either Skate or Scene, and is more musically inclined toward artist such as Hey Monday.

meant in a postive manner.
BubblePoppers tend to be nice without being niave, and fall nicely between bubblegum pop, and punk.
hey Dad, Im gonna be late tonight, Im going to a concert with some other BubblePoppers.
by AmericanAngel March 08, 2011
one who pops bubbles of hope just as you are about to reach something great

i was floating up to the sky in my bubble when BAM! rachel the bubble popper popped it
by bubbleofhope January 12, 2009
A paladin who uses Divine Protection, Divine Shield, or Blessing of Protection.
Wyllian is a bubblepopper.
by Shadowhand January 13, 2011
A person who is excessively touchy. They do not respect your personal space, and therefore "pop" your personal space bubble.
Watch out for that girl over there, she's a total bubble popper!
by ross93 September 23, 2010
the act of chewing gum and sticking your tongue into the vagina and then blowing a bubble
I gave a girl a bubble popper
by Shannon Aldredreralfi November 25, 2010