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2 definitions by AmericanAngel

Beth Riesgraf Is sweetness and Perfection in a human form.
She can be currently seen on Leverage, and is also revered by Kaniacs for taking kick ass pictures of Christian Kane on his website.
awww, you made me cookies? you're such a Beth Riesgraf!
by americanAngel August 03, 2010
a BubblePopper refers to someone who stylewise is either Skate or Scene, and is more musically inclined toward artist such as Hey Monday.

meant in a postive manner.
BubblePoppers tend to be nice without being niave, and fall nicely between bubblegum pop, and punk.
hey Dad, Im gonna be late tonight, Im going to a concert with some other BubblePoppers.
by AmericanAngel March 08, 2011