When you receive the wonderful gift of a head under water. The bubbles against your dick are magnificent!
Carry and me were alone in the pool at her house and she gave me a bubble job! Plus...she swallows.
by capnkev May 31, 2009
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Top Definition
The act of blowing into a wet vagina, thus making "bubbles".
Last night I gave my girlfriend a bubblejob after making her vag wet from eating her out. She loved it.
by ianmillarseanfrankryanmara July 11, 2008
A nice underwater blow job. In which the woman (or man) gets some air, holds their breath, dives underwater and blows like there is no tomorrow (as they should). This will send bubbles against your dick. It feels phenomenal.
"Dude, Jennifer and I were hangin out (literally) at Myrtle Beach, when she dove underwater and gave me a bubble job, it.. felt.... FANTASTIC!!!
by The JoshMeister101 June 07, 2009

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