Music or other popular entertainment that has been dumbed down and produced to appeal to the masses. Often, this music is aimed at a target group of whiny, ADD ridden 8-15 year olds, especially girls. Bubble gum is the complete opposite of Gangsta.
Stupid 12 year old girl with braces and american eagle shirt: OMG!!! Have you seen the new Justin Beiber Video? He has my heart!!!

ME: Naw, I don't watch that Bubble Gum Bullshit! What the hell is wrong with you?!! put it back on BET, the new Jeezy is bout to come on!!!
by NoSleep November 10, 2010
A women's vagina's inner lips that come to the outside and wrinkly and mushy looking like bubble gum
Damn! That girl got some bubble gum!
by Luke Eliopoulos March 23, 2008
The showing of one's scrotum to an unprepared victim by way of asking if he/she would like some bubblegum
Expecting a delicious piece of Bazooka bubblegum, Kory instead recieved the viewing of Jeff's hairy scrotal area.

Although Tannia didn't expect Steve's type of bubblegum, she accepted it ravenously and chewed to her heart's desire
by Steve Bright October 24, 2003
In the real world, bubblegum is a delicious candy, fully enjoyed by chewing until the sugary sweet flavor has diminished to nothing. Then, said candy is to be either spit out into an appropriate receptacle for trash and the like, or stuck under a chair, desk, table, or other object that has an underside. Usually comes in a pack. Can come in many varieties of flavor, texture, and sugar content. Can also be used to help one quit smoking (a nasty habit) or to whiten one's teeth. The "bubble" prefix is intended to imply that bubbles can be blown from the gum after it has been chewed for an adequate amount of time, most likely used to entice children into chewing bubblegum, giving them yet another way to annoy those around them.
Juicy Fruit, Dentyne, Bazooka, and Trident are all types of bubblegum.
by Kirbiet October 18, 2007
Drag Queen term that refers to the scrotum skin sliding out from the tape tuck. The ball itself is still up, but the sack skin slides out the side of the tape and looks like chewed up bubble gum. Willam Belli has mentioned bubblegum in both of his tucking videos (censored on YouTube and uncensored on Xtube).
Oh man, it is too fucking hot in here. If I keep sweating like this, I'm gonna have a severe case of bubblegum before I even lipsync.
by agentmonet July 01, 2015
Cheap Shoes; Usually Generic Branded Basketball Shoes
"Look at this dude's Bubble Gums... they don't say NIKE they say LIKEME."
by Charlie Banko February 28, 2014
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