A girl with a round, full ghetto-butt.
She sure has a cute bubble-butt>>>
by Keith November 29, 2003
When a girl has a really nice, round, and firm ass but its small
A small butt that is really firm and nice is a BUBBLE BUTT
by Jrsggh July 07, 2013
a man or woman with a round shapely posterior as opposed to a flat pancake butt.
Sandra is a rare Chinese girl because she has an amazing bubblebutt.
by kingofstone August 26, 2012
Large butt that tends to stick out like a bubble.
Iggy Azalea and Nikki Minaj both have bubble butts.
by volleyballviolist109 February 27, 2015
A much sought after attribute in the male homosexual world. A guy with a bubble-butt has a nice, round, full buttocks. Often found in dancers and ice skaters.
His bubble-butt is so tight you can bounce a quarter off of it.
by Papain August 04, 2005
The fine Round and big bubble shaped kind of Booty, A girl who got curves and a big ass Rack has a bubble butt ,It's gotta b the opposite of that uggly Flat ass a bubble butt is also perfect for Twerking Niggas like myself love them bubble butts
Nicki Minaj has a ''bubble butt''
by T-wing November 26, 2013
an ass is very round and "bubbly"
Jake has a bubble butt
by Drapes February 17, 2012

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